Episode 46 -Jan 2016 - Technique Podcast Mixed By Document One

It hasn't taken long for Document One to define their own niche among the Technique Recordings roster. Brimming with multi-genre experience, this team has come well-equipped with a fresh and clean production style, overt musicality and uncompromising levels of funk. This month ahead of their new single release, the boys take over the Technique Podcast & deliver a cracking mix.......

Small steps - Document one 

Snitch - L Plus 

The truth - Drumsound & Bassline smith 

Panzer - Dimension 

Shadows - Tantrum desire & Matrix & Futurebound 

Rush connection - Culture shock 

Oblivion VIP - Tantrum desire 

Jazz club - Document one 

Ladies night - Drumsound & Bassline smith VIP

Breathe - Dc breaks (dirty mix) 

Black heart - Frankee 

Times - Baskerville (Document one remix) 

Obsolete VIP - Quadrant, Kid Hops & Iris

Simpler times - Break 

Follow me - Document one 

What goes up - Document one 

Falling - Document one 

Raindrops - L Plus 

Leave it all behind - Audiosketch & Surplus

Repeat - Tantrum desire

Outlaw renegade - Drumsound & Bassline smith 

Nightmare - Tantrum desire 

AM PM - Ekko & Sidetrack 

Bail out - Digital vs Drumsound & Bassline smith 

Warning - Dub motion 

Forex - Ivy lab 

Body like wow - Document one 

WTF - Smooth 

Troglodyte VIP - Culture shock 

I gota fever - Document one 

Human mind - Tantrum desire 

Run the block - Document one 

“Run the Block” takes the tough but smoky sound that Document One has made their own and adds a layer of East Coast hip-hop flavour. The rap-along vocal, that trademark upright and synthetic bass fusion, the popping drums and live-instrument arrangement combine to give this tune jazzfunk energy in abundance. Then “Small Steps” flips the script, darkening things up in a way you might not be expecting from these guys. The intro is the sound of approaching menace, as military drums and an eerie dialogue sample ratched up the tension. Then the drop is all about those twisted tendrils of bass, snaking around techstep drums and ghost-in-the-machine stabs. This is what happens when musicality meets aggression on a hell-bent mission to mash up the rave. So, this release proves that Document One have a love and talent for all sides of this music. As their track titles declare, they “Run the Block” in the funk neighbourhood and they're making “Small Steps” into the shadowy technoid realm. Now they've shown they can kill the dance in both, it's clear the Document One operation doesn't believe in boundaries.