Episode 35 - Dec 2014 - Technique Podcast - Mixed By Document One

The Document One boys are back with a new release & Podcast mix…It hasn't been long since Document One carved their name into the pantheon of drum and bass heavy-hitters with their debut EP on Technique. Already, tracks from “Revolution” have been chalking up serious airtime and rave-play and ensuring that this production team's new release bears the weight of intense anticipation. So what have they got for us this time? “Faced With the Unknown”  and "Purp' drop on Technique Recordings on Sunday 14th December….. This podcast showcases the boys mixing skills and include their new single…..

Above earth - Chris su & State of mind 

Revolution - Document one 

Scumbag - Aeph  (Teddy Killerz remix) 

Move faster - Dimension 

Quadrant kid & Iris - Microsleep

Forsaken - Alix perez ft Peven Everett & Spectrasoul 

Everything for a reason - TC (ivy lab remix)

Ice pipe - Silent witness

Stepped outside - Loadstar

3d Glasses - Fred v & Grafix 

Blue - Lynx 

Bang! - Sandy rivera ft April (nu tone remix)

Purp - Document one ft Fio 

Stardust - Mindscape (jade remix)

Commit - Disphonia & camelorg 

Moshpit  - Erb n dub 

Whats out there - Metrik 

Down the line - Alix perez ft mc fats 

Troglodyte - Culture shock 

Sideways - Ulterior motive 

Distance - Cursa 

Underground - Tantrum desire ft Laura bayston 

201 dub - Chroma 

Let it happen - Break 

You got me - Ash Jerona 

Objection vip - Dabs 

Faced with the unknown - Document one 

Raze - Dark soul 

Aztec - Spor (calyx & teebee remix)